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The Town of Steady Brook lies approximately ten kilometers east of Corner Brook. Steady Brook is a picturesque community surrounded by beautiful mountains with the Humber River flowing through its heart. The Town is a beautiful community with quiet streets and wonderful gardens. Our residents care about the natural beauty of the area, while flowers, gardens and fruit trees provide a picturesque stroll on a warm summer evening. Steady Brook is proud of its heritage and history.

Steady Brook is a thriving community. We have a well established infrastructure, facilities, programs and amenities. We are a 'green community', encouraging community re-cycling and composting, and limited use of pesticides.

Come see Steady Brook! Enjoy a stroll through the Town, summer or winter. The summer is alive with flowers and trees, the fall shows its wonderful colours, and the winter is filled with activities like snowmobiling, snowshoeing, skiing and snowboarding at Marble Mountain. The captivating beauty and closeness to nature will attract and spellbind anyone who enters its boundaries.


    Photos courtesy of Robert Hall, except where otherwise noted.