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Boil Water Advisory Information: Fact Sheet (PDF) - In the event of a main water line break or other cause for a Boil Water Advisory, the following procedure will be followed.  As soon as the problem is discovered the Town will notify customers by issuing a Boil Water Advisory Notice using:

  •   Local radio stations

  •   Email to residents (with names on the town’s email listing)

  •   Sign located at the 4-way STOP area in the town

  •   Call residents or hand deliver notices to smaller affected areas

  •   Notification to the Department of Government Services

Additional Information of Water Safety: Boil Water Advisory Brochure, Chlorine and THM's, Drinking Water Safety Brochure, Water Treatment Units, Road Side Springs Brochure

Waste Collection Guide: PDF

Wetland Stewardship

The Town has entered into a Municipal Wetland Stewardship Agreement with the Department of Environment and Conservation.  This agreement has set aside two wetland management units in the Town which will ensure long-term conservation and enhancement of critical wetlands.  Hopefully, these areas will see an increased use by waterfowl and other wildlife.  One area is located in the marshy area, just as you enter the Town on Marble Drive.  The other area is another marsh area located near the end of the Town’s eastern boundary, along the edge of the Humber River.  An interpretation sign has been placed at the entrance to the Town to recognize this agreement.

Map of Wetland Areas (PDF)

Steady Brook  Municipal Plan (PDF) and Development Regulations (PDF) and Zoning Map

Snow Clearing Regulations:  (PDF)

Health and Safety Policy:  (PDF)

Recycling Information

Garbage Collection Policy

Waste Collection Guide

2012 Waste Collection Schedule

Noise Bylaw

Animal Control Regulations

Cat Cage Policy

Steady Brook Watershed Plan